How It Works

Please read this section thoroughly.

Each membership has different features:

Bronze Membership Includes:

• 1 weekly cryptocurrency update video (this video will cover the weekly news around cryptocurrency that will give a limited amount of information needed to make money on the cryptocurrency market.)

• 1 weekly stock market update video ( this video will cover the weekly news around the stock market that will give a limited amount of information needed to make money on the stock market.)

• 10% Off Discount Code To All Courses (a limited amount of material covered in our courses will be covered in this membership.)

• Access To Membership Giveaway [Tier 1] (EX: $500 cash, video games, free courses, phones cases, Airpods, clothes + a lot more)

- Silver Membership Includes:

• Everything included in the Bronze Membership

• Access to our General Discord Group chat. (This is a group chat where cryptocurrency and stock market plays will be called out every Friday. Our team will use the skills we have to provide ALL silver members with money-making opportunities before they happen, allowing you to make the same money our professionals make. ALL silver members will have the chance to make easy quick profits in the stock and cryptocurrency markets.)

• 1 Weekly Financial Literacy Lesson (Financial literacy is the possession of the set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources. This is extremely important if you're looking to start on your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. This section will cover: how to invest, money management, saving, risk management, basic credit skills, taxes, and more.)

• 1 Weekly "Money Making Secrets" Lesson ("Money Making Secrets" will include classified methods to making profitable streams of income.

Platinum Membership Includes (MOST POPULAR, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) 

• Everything included in the bronze + silver memberships

• Access To our V.I.P Discord Group Chat ( Our team of professionals call out stocks and cryptocurrency plays and opportunities all day, every day. Our team of professionals are experts in the crypto and stock markets, they use their knowledge to call out opportunities before they happen, and they're almost always right. This group chat has generated over $100,000 in revenue for current and previous platinum members. Due to these accurate callouts, our members have exclusive access to investment opportunities.

• Full Disclosure Video Lessons [4 per week minimum] No information held back, step-by-step lessons in every category provided every week: Business, financial literacy, credit building, credit cleaning, cryptocurrency, stock market, options trading, amazon, dropshipping, Youtube, social media, money-making secrets and so much more!

Learn all the secrets, skills, and formulas to master making profits in each category.

• 1 Monthly facetime call (or SOONEST POSSIBLE OPENING) with Mac Mula, designed to guide you through any troubles, or answer any questions you may have along your entrepreneurial journey.

• V.I.P Giveaways ($1,500+ cash, free courses, iPhones, PS5's, Xbox's, Computers, and a lot more!

• 35% OFF ALL COURSES (Most course material will be covered in the Platinum Membership)

Executive Membership Includes: 

• Everything from ALL other plans

• 70% Off ALL Courses 

•2 Monthly Facetime calls (or SOONEST POSSIBLE OPENING) with Mac Mula to guide you through any troubles or answer any questions you may have along with your entrepreneurial journey.

• Individual, personal, step-by-step videos made solely to help our customers become an entrepreneur. These videos are designed to help our members get through a specific situation.

•24/7 Access to our team of professionals

After you've joined the membership:

1. You'll receive an email at the email address you entered while signing up. (You must enter the correct email address while signing up.)

2. Click the email that was sent to you and follow its instructions. The link will lead you back to Once you are back on the website, create an account.

3. You'll now have access to the 'Membership Portal' page. Here you'll find your prospective membership collection. (Example: If you have the platinum membership, you'll see the Platinum Membership collection.)

Inside each collection, you'll find all the membership videos. Those of old, and of new. You'll now have access to weekly video lessons giving away every small secret needed to be a successful entrepreneur. Each video is a new lesson, and each lesson is taught in a step-by-step "do it with me" style presentation. These lessons will give them what, the when, and the way to becoming your own boss. Videos will be added weekly. It is important to not miss a lesson, as each video will give away highly crucial information you won't want to miss.